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Today’s homes are tightly constructed to save energy. Allergens (pollens, molds, VOCs, dander, dust mites, etc) and airborne viruses become trapped inside leading to poor indoor air quality. Even some chemicals we use to clean our homes can contribute to unhealthy air in our homes. Nautic Air ™ systems eliminate allergens, molds, viruses, and bacteria before they have a chance to circulate. Our PolarClear ™ technology can remove particles down to .0001 microns in size. As a result, your air is cleaner and you can keep everyone healthier.

Residential Products


Nautic Air NA21 Air Purification System

In-line Air Purification

The NA21 easily installs into the existing HVAC system, allowing you to enjoy clean, pure air throughout your entire home or office—without having costly and unsightly floor units.

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Portable Air Filtration

Our portable air filtration unit allows you to bring the cleanest, freshest air with you wherever you go. Effective for spaces up to 400 sq. feet.
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